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The Art Cart

Senior Studio Capstone

The Art Cart was my Senior Capstone project for the Graphic Design program at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. It culminates a year-long process including ideation, research, design, execution, and exhibition. The Art Cart is a mobile creative station that aims to bring creative empowerment and healing to pediatric patients in under-served hospital settings through artistic intervention.

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Thesis Statement

Inspired by the therapeutic potential of visual arts for pediatric patients, The Art Cart initiative seeks to bridge the gap in creative resources by providing tailored, research-based activities that support both physical and psychological well-being. By offering a diverse range of engaging projects delivered directly to patient rooms on a specialized cart, The Art Cart facilitates artistic expression while minimizing disruptions to medical care.

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The Packages

The adoption of a nostalgic, vintage carnival-inspired visual language not only infuses each aspect of the project with dynamic visuals and typography but also fosters a sense of universal charm, resonating with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

By seamlessly integrating this aesthetic into every facet of The Art Cart, from project design to packaging and instructional materials, the initiative unfolds as a cohesive and captivating experience, igniting joy, connection, and healing within hospital environments.

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The Projects

Through the deliberate fusion of creativity and accessibility, The Art Cart endeavors to uplift and empower pediatric patients, transcending boundaries to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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