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Exhibition Design

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The objective of this project was to research and select 2 famous typographers from design history
and create a faux exhibition highlighting their respective styles. I was interested in putting a spotlight on two prolific women designers from history: Jacqueline Casey and Paula Scher.

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Jacqueline Casey

Jacqueline Casey is considered one of the forgotten heroes of the design world. She was active at a time when female designers made up a large portion of the industry, but were not yet being recognized or rewarded for heir work to the same degree as their male counterparts.

Jacqueline Casey

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is one of the most prolific contemporary typographers and graphic designers alive today. Strongly influenced by the 1930s through Art Nouveau and Constructivism, Scher's style of decorative typography integrated with imagery has become recognizable to both designers and consumers.

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Exhibition Poster

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