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Tea Sampler Packaging

This hexagonal tea sampler can easily be stacked for transport and display but also has the capacity to be unveiled in an engaging way for customers. The intricate, art-deco-inspired design gives the high-end tea a luxurious feel. With calming, muted earth tones, intriguing names, and an eye-catching sparkle, this package would intrigue any potential buyer!

Decorative Split 4.png


When designing packaging for loose-leaf tea, I recognized that there was a lot of flexibility in the package shape. I wanted to create something that felt fun, engaging, and sophisticated. So I whipped the Pythagorean theorem!

Initial Sketches
White Sample
Tea Page Break.png
Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 5.39.11 PM.png

3D Modeling

I did all 3D modeling for the REPs using TinkerCAD, and free source, online modeling software.

Final Designs

Tea Page Break.png

Final REPs

Tea Sampler_5.jpg
Tea Sampler_6.jpg
Tea Sampler_3.jpg
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